Creating Irresistible Customer Offers

In action
Take the opportunity to positively influence your customers purchasing decisions when they are present in store. Swiftstake enables retail companies worldwide to positively impact a consumer’s purchasing decisions by delivering automated, targeted and mathematically-determined promotions at the point of sale or other influential shop locations using interactive customer-facing screens.
Our marketing software technology integrates seamlessly with existing in-store equipment and back office systems to automatically expose your customers to real-time targeted suggestive selling for additional offers and opportunities. Our technology platform uses a myriad of intelligent and complex algorithms to identify the most relevant up-sell promotion to offer your customer and then creates and displays highly attractive visual suggestions for the additional offer in a millisecond. These promotions are displayed at the point-of-decision via the latest hardware, including customer-facing LCD touch screens and tablet PCs, to ensure maximum visibility to customers during the crucial timeframe when they are waiting for the cashier to serve them.
The successful benefits of combining real-time marketing intelligence and targeted suggestive selling technologies to create irresistible customer offers have already been witnessed in other sectors such as banking and convenience stores to increase sales and improve customer experience.
We are solely focused on developing and delivering these innovative solutions for lottery and sports betting operators worldwide to drive same-store sales.
+ Targeted, on-site communications with customers
+ Auto creation of promotional content
+ Performance measurement, analysis and reporting
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