Maximise every customer interaction 

With the ever-growing number of betting opportunities and competition for the share of customers’ wallets increasingly fierce, today’s betting shop must optimise every customer interaction in order to maximise sales and retain customer loyalty.
The customer betting experience in-shop must deliver even higher levels of service and engagement if it is to grow in line with other betting channels such as mobile and online.
Furthermore, this experience needs to be presented in an integrated and seamless manner to retain your customers and keep them away from competitors. Through the introduction of proven, best-of-breed retail technologies, Swiftstake can assist betting operators in transforming their business by replacing outmoded practices with modern utilities that deliver greater profitability and increase customer loyalty.
Finding the perfect wager for a customer at just the right time is crucial to your success. Customers bet on many events, from the first goal to the first scoring player, at the counter, in-shop desk or shop window – all perfect places for targeted suggestive selling.
Your customers are a captive audience when in-shop and your retail technologies need to optimise this valuable time and leverage every second they are in the betting shop to take more wagers.
Our innovative software solutions enable sports betting operators to offer:
+ Additional sales suggestions that relate to a customer’s current activity and potential future activity in terms of online or mobile channel conversion
+ The ability for customers to bet with the crowd’ e.g. most popular bets etc
+ Trigger-based rewards and promotions to entice players to play and wager more often and for higher stakes
+ Improving cashier-customer communication in the betting shop
+ Best-of-breed product features that impact the customer to enhance the betting experience and create greater customer engagement, such as gaming machines (FOBTs) to increase machine utilisation
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