Maximise every customer interaction 

Bet+ addresses the key strategic issues facing the retail sports betting industry today – customer retention and growing share of wallet. Bet+ uses the latest retail technologies for the intelligent analysis of wagering patterns to deliver relevant 1-to-1 targeted messaging in milliseconds.
Bet+ seamlessly integrates with your cashier terminals and back office systems to automatically expose your customers to targeted suggestive selling for additional bets and wagers. Bet+ intelligently identifies the most relevant up-sell wager to offer your customer and then creates and displays highly attractive visual suggestions for the additional bets.
These promotions are displayed on customer-facing LCD touch screens at the point of sale or decision to ensure maximum visibility to punters during the crucial timeframe when they are waiting for the cashier to process their or pay winnings.
Bet+ helps increase same-store sales by:
+ Boosting the average customer transaction
+ Keeping winnings in the betting shop
+ Increasing customer loyalty
+ Improving customer channel management
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